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Vertex is a collective of leading vertical software operators, founded by the team at Euclid. Vertex began as a dinner between friends with a shared passion for vertical business models. Since then, we have grown to 65 members nationwide, from breakout startup CEOs to post-IPO founders. Our mission is to connect the smartest people in vertical software, surfacing value through tailored conversions and intros.


Vertex is an invite-only network for top vertical software operators. While the majority of members today are growth-stage and exited founders, we welcome seasoned early-stage CEOs and serial functional executives. Our sole ask of members is a shared desire to support the growing vertical software ecosystem. Vertex grows through referral and targeted invites but encourage you to join the waitlist to learn more.

How it

Vertex is designed to respect the busy schedules of leading operators. Our team curates opt-in opportunities for each member, including intimate events, introductions, and angel deals. Members engage at their own pace, ranging from a few times a month to a few times a year. Euclid has also dedicated a pool of incentives for Vertex members who engage with the community through deal collaboration, founder mentorship, and membership referrals.


Engage with top-tier vertical software peers via highly curated events and opt-in introductions curated by the Vertex team.


Learn from and share proven insights with fellow members, in small private fora and through anonymized Vertex reports.


Mentor the next generation of rising vertical software leaders or find your business' next transformational advisor.


Share and access angel investment opportunities with leading peers, with 1-1 diligence support from the Euclid team.

ABOUT Euclid

Euclid is the first-check venture capital firm for vertical software.

At Euclid, we partner with domain-expert vertical software founders, leading inception-stage and pre-seed rounds. We launched Vertex with a big but simple vision: to connect the best in the space we love. Built from the ground up for the seasoned vertical operator, Vertex fosters collaboration on thought leadership, deals, and mentorship. Our sole aim is to bring value to leaders across the vertical ecosystem through connectivity.

As vertical software enters a golden age, we believe there is no better time to unite the community. When we founded Vertex, we shared an essay speaking to the opportunity, "An Era for Vertical Software." The takeaway is that vertical SaaS is a distinct, enduring discipline that we believe is poised to dominate the software landscape over the next decade. Accordingly, its luminaries and best practices deserve a dedicated platform—we hope Vertex can fill this void. Together, we're accelerating an inevitable future in which every industry is powered by purpose-built software.

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